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Coolest Baking Elf and Gingerbread Girl Costume

My twins love the book Gingerbread Baby. So when it was time to pick Halloween costumes Alison wanted to be a gingerbread. I was quite scared to attempt this costume since I don’t sew, but much to my surprise it turned out better than I expected and no stitching required.

I got brown felt from the fabric store and went to work. I traced her on butcher paper and used that as my pattern, then I cut the felt quite a bit bigger than she was and glued the two sides together. I turned it inside out and cut a place for her face. Then we decorated using ribbon trim and red puff balls. For the candy buttons, I used craft form

Emily went was a baking elf. We had a Christmas hat that has elf ears on it and her Christmas dress from last year that still fit. I added an apron, measuring spoons and a spatula. I gave her some rosey cheeks and some freckles and she was an elf!

Everyone loved them in their baking elf and gingerbread girl costume at the party! They were a refreshing change from the princesses and fairies that dominated the costume contest.

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