My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. So of course I wanted to be Baby, but how would anyone know who I was? Since “Nobody puts Baby in the Corner,” I thought that would put her in the corner and see if a handsome dancer would approach me so I could have the time of my life.

I had a big piece of cardboard that I folded in half and wrapped in a printed contact paper (to look like wallpaper). I then poked a hole in the cardboard so I could use elastic and wear the corner like a backpack.

To get the Baby style, I teased my hair to make it big like hers. I reused a pink bridesmaid dress and threw on some strappy heals. But it wasn’t quite complete. Jennifer Grey got a nose job shortly after filming Dirty Dancing.

Apparently the nose job hurt her career as she really wasn’t in too many movies after. To play on that I bought a large latex nose to complete the styling.

I then got in my corner and carried a watermelon.
Had a great time in my Homemade Baby from Dirty Dancing Costume.