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Coolest and Easiest Shrek Family Costume

These costumes came together very simply. First you start by painting yourself with green paint and spray painting your hair green. The ears were made by rolling green felt and hot gluing them together and then wiring them onto black plastic headbands. Any kind of shirts work, as long as your look is rustic. I bought the vests as jackets at the thrift store and cut them with scissors to make them into vests. I pinned shoe strings onto each side to make the ties. My dress was also a thrift store find. The boys wore black pants and hikers. The crown was from the dollar store and I wired the ears onto it. I braided my hair and spray painted it red. Amazingly enough, this Homemade and Easiest Shrek Family Costume was easy to make and an unbelievable hit!

P.S. The donkey is named Mojo and he is my sister in laws and amazingly enough, he cooperated for the pictures.

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