Big T-shirts from Goodwill ($.60 each) sewn to fit each kid and cut to mid back with velcro to close top and mid slit

Brown Jersey fabric from Walmart ($1.00/ yard) sewn in a shell shape and sharpie for shell lines

Weapons from Goodwill and Dollar Store ($2.00)

Felt, elastic and colored fabric for masks (sewing scraps)

Foam sheet and sharpie for emblems (found in trash) pinned onto belt

Paper or bubble wrap to stuff shells (found in trash)

Scraps of jersey for belt, wrists and feet

Scraps of colored fabric for tails on back of mask, elbows and knees

Scraps of t-shirts for shell pack straps

Total Spent: under $4 (for both!)

*Watching ninja videos on you tube really got them in the mood!