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Cool Steak and Potato Couple Costume

The potato is made out of a pop-up hamper, with lots of craft paper and pillow stuffing stapled/hot glued to it. The stapler really helped keep everything in place.

The slice of butter is a small box covered in construction paper. The ‘foil’ is just a piece of silver fabric from WalMart that I scrunched up and ironed wrinkles into the fabric, to make it look more like scrunched up foil. This was also stapled to the base/hamper.

The steak is just a mattress topper, dyed red (I put RIT dye in a spray bottle), and painted white lines on top. The topper was folded in half, and sewn together on the shoulders using thick embroidery thread.

We won original costume in a costume contest, and I had a blast dancing in a baked potato costume all night.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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