Cool Steak and Potato Couple Costume

The potato is made out of a pop-up hamper, with lots of craft paper and pillow stuffing stapled/hot glued to it. The stapler really helped keep everything in place. The slice of butter is a small box covered in construction paper. The ‘foil’ is just a piece of silver fabric from WalMart that I scrunched … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baked Potato Costume

Homemade Baked Potato Costume

This Baked Potato Costume ended up being a last minute costume with very little prep. The only thing we did the night before was to sew the little “pat of butter” hat. To do that, I used leftover yellow flannel from a blanket I made. I sewed it into a quick square and stuffed it … Read more

Coolest Sack of Taters Baby Costume

Homemade Sack of Taters Baby Costume

This Homemade Sack of Taters Baby Costume was fairly easy but time consuming. I took an old burlap sack (from eBay $5) and cut arm and leg holes to fit my baby. I also centered up and painted an Idaho potato logo with black paint, $2. I cut the back so that I could cinch … Read more