Coolest Sack of Taters Baby Costume

This Homemade Sack of Taters Baby Costume was fairly easy but time consuming. I took an old burlap sack (from eBay $5) and cut arm and leg holes to fit my baby. I also centered up and painted an Idaho potato logo with black paint, $2. I cut the back so that I could cinch it to fit. I used pins but you could sew, or tie with a string.

For the potatoes I cut various sizes and colors of panty hose, $3. I used brown thread and sewed each end with a slip stitch and pulled through to for a knot. I filled with stuffing (batting)$7 and sewed closed. Also I used needle and thread to sew and create knots or (eyes) of the potatoes. They were sewn to a brown crocheted hat (any boggon dyed brown would do). We used strings to secure around face.

I also turned down the top of the sack and sewn on potatoes to create the illusion of potatoes falling out! And the final touch I used RIT dye, $5, to color regular COTTON TIGHTS brown $5!

The costume cost me approximately $25.00 to make and is a weekend project.

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