My son’s favorite place to stop is at a local snow cone truck to get and try his favorite flavors. For a local kids parade him and his friends decided to dress up as carnival food and he choose snow cone. I cut two triangles of foam board out and decorated with snow flakes and s no – k one label and pictures.

I put rainbow ribbon around the trim. I took the top of an Styrofoam ice chest lid and cut a hole big enough for his head to fit through. There is a perfect lip on the ice chest lid to hot glue each triangle board to the lid. For the round top I took a collapsible laundry hamper and cut just the top circle of it off.  I cut another hole in middle big enough for my son’s head.  I them took a can of foam insulation ( stuff to seal around pipes) and sprayed it directly on the hamper in a doughnut shape. I let it dry overnight. I then painted the foam in rainbow colors. Placed the lid with the triangle cones over his head an then put the round hamper rainbow top over that. I had a clown wig for his hair.

He loved it and it was a huge hit with everyone at the parade. It was very light weight and inexpensive.