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Cool Miss Captain America Halloween Costume

I was inspired by a friend who makes things like backpacks and teddy bears out of duct tape. I wanted to make my own costume out of the same material and I couldn’t imagine dressing up as anyone other than my favorite super hero, Captain America.

I made this costume out of duct tape and my prop was made using duct tape and cardboard. I made a unique dress pattern that suited a person of my size and build then cut out the individual pieces of the pattern from sheets of duct tape then put them all together. I added some final touches and attached some velcro where the dress met in the back, and it was ready to go. It wasnt the most comfortable costume to wear all night but i sure am proud of it. I got very positive reactions when wearing my costume. There were many individuals who were quite shocked to see that i had made my entire costume with just a few rolls of duct tape. My costume is an original duct tape dress that i designed myself. I have experience with making things like dresses and duct tape wallets, and i thought it would be a great idea to combine both and follow in my friends foot steps. Making my costume was a great experience and it was great to finish a project that would leave a very big smile on so many peoples faces. It has always been my dream to become a super hero and this costume made my dream into a wonderful reality. I got a lot of support from friends and family and that really motivated me to make this costume. I decided to wear my costume to a school event wjere we were allowed to dress up as characters and i won a school contest for best costume. Thank you for taking the time to read my entry. :)

Cool Miss Captain America Halloween Costume

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