Cool Last-Minute Couple Halloween Costume: Runnin’ Forrest and His Girl Jen-nay

You might not know this, but my boyfriend has a killer Forrest Gump impression. So naturally, a cheap and funny costume would be him and Jenny! As we were also on a short time limit, we had to pick a simple costume. Being from ALABAMA (see what I did there?), I just assumed everyone would know who we were dressed up as. Unfortunately, as we were seniors in high school, not everyone around us was as cultured as I originally assumed… Although our costume wasn’t as big a hit with my peers, the grown ups loved it!;)

Unfortunately, the person taking the picture didn’t take a full body shot. But the whole getup was full! Red shorts and knee high socks for Forrest, light-wash hole-y jeans and moccasins for Jenny (in her 70s era)!
The only thing bought for the costumes were the wig and beard! Everything else we owned. I looked everywhere for a vintage, plain Nike tshirt, to no avail, and just decided to paint a white tshirt to mimic. And I taped the Bubba Gump logo onto a red hat. That’s it! Pretty effortless costume and it was really fun for us!!