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Cool Homemade Simpsons Family Costume

‘The Simpsons’ is my all time favorite show! When I was younger, I would say “if I ever have a family big enough I would dress us up as the Simpsons”, and  15 years later I did it!

My son aka Bart was the hardest because he hates putting anything on, so we left him simple and like in true Bart fashion, he was a pain in the butt just to try and spike and spray paint his hair yellow. I got clothes I had at home for our Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Homer. My daughter has a necklace kit and made Lisa and Marge beads and besides the face paint and wig, nothing else was store bought! I made Maggie’s spiky hair with cut up pieces of felt in triangle shapes and hot glued to a head band. Maggie blue PJ suit was actually white but I didn’t want to buy a new on,e so I dyed it blue. Needless to say, we were the hit of the party and our Facebook picture upload was shared by many friends. Our costume was a success because it was cheap, funny and nostalgic for many Simpsons lovers! We still are a topic of conversation because of the costumes and friends can’t wait to see what I will come up with next year. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I feel the need to do better each year. The whole experience was cool. I had a lot of fun doing it all, but I must say that my favorite part of this years costume, was to see it all finished and ready for the yearly family portrait! This costume for me and many other friends and relatives, was very nostalgic. We grew up laughing every night with this show and to have been able to dress up my family like that and have a picture to last for ever, is priceless!


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