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Cool Homemade Justice League Couple Costume

Wonder Woman:

Started off with a red spangly tube top, with the ‘W’ cut out of gold fabric and hand stitched on.  I tried it with duct tape at first, but it had no give and made my body look funny shaped.

With the same gold fabric, a thick belt sized for my waist got completely covered in it. The fabric is hand stitched on the backside of the belt.  The diamond at the front of the belt is just cardboard, glued on and the fabric over that as well.

The skirt is cut from an old tee-shirt of my younger brothers, and taken in a bit at the waist to fit me.  I then stitched the back side of the skirt into the belt, so there wouldn’t be any separation or gaping, because there was a lot! The stars are hand painted, and a lot more time could’ve been spent in that department, but I figured you got the idea.

Captain America:

Chris (captain in the picture) is 6’5″ borrowing my roommate Kelsey’s (who is 5’1″) scrub pants, it was a stretch.

The shirt is just a plain blue tee-shirt to start, it was just luck that the pants and shirt matched so well. Then I cut red and white stripes out of fabric, eye-balling how many I would need to go around the shirt.  Due to lack of time and energy, the stripes were stapled together, not stitched like they should’ve been. After they were all stapled together, I stitched them across the bottom of the shirt. The star I traced off my computer screen onto white fabric, cut, and stitched to the shirt.

The shield is a big circle of poster board with paint on it, with a duct tape star.  The handle in the back is also duct tape, and lots of it!

We got TONS of compliments, and several time had to prove that they were actually hand made.  We posed for endless pictures and felt like celebrities…or like superheroes.

Wonder Woman:
Started off with a red spangly tube top, with the 'W' cut out of gold fabric and handstitched on.  I tried it with duct tap

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