Cool Homemade Group Costume Idea: Monsters Inc. Crew

For this costume it defiantly took an imagination and several trips to Walmart! To start it off we purchased fuzzy blankets because Walmart didn’t have any fuzzy material. We then purchased some huge t-shirts and some leggings and tons of super glue. Once we got home we had our work cut out for us.

For James P Sullivan (the blue monster) we used a plain blue shirt and made leg, arm, and skirt pieces out of a cut up blanket then placed fuzzy dots on it. Then we used elastic to make it stretch over our body. We then paired it with a monster mask and we were ready to go! Then for Mike Wazowski (the green guy) we bought huge t-shirts and printed the faces on it. Then for the hat we printed on a logo. The tights were the hard part they were originally white but we died them with fabric dye and they came out the perfect color! Then for Boo (the little girl) we bought a big pink shirt and purple tights. We cut up a long wig to make the hair style look similar to the real Boo.

We got several laughs out of our costumes especially since we made a boy be Boo and the girls were the monsters. All of us in the costumes are really close friend and we thought hard on a costume that would suit use as a group. So Monsters INC it was!