My son is obsessed with Star Wars, so I wanted to make that our theme for Halloween. However, I’m not a fan of any of the cheap costumes that are sold in store, and I always like my son to stand out and be a little different. So every year I make his costume. This year we were R2D2 and Princess Leia.

I made my son’s costume from a round, collapsible, mesh, laundry basket, and the top is is big plastic flower pot. The body of the costume is covered in pleather and details are added with duct tape on both the body and head. I also added lights to the blue and red circles in the front, along with a white light in the back.

I took my son to Disneyland for a “Mickey’s Halloween Party” event and everyone LOVED his costume. Not just the park goers, but the cast members as well. Word even traveled around the park through the cast members about the little boy dressed up like R2D2. Everyone loved his costume and wanted to take pictures with him. He was pretty popular.