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Cool Guy Fieri Costume

About a month ago several friends, my wife and I were talking about doing a Halloween party, because it fell on a weekend. We came to an agreement as to what house it would be at, and thank God, it wasn’t ours. I suggested we throw in a cash prize for best costume, to generate a little effort. This started a small amount of trash talk during a few happy hours, but all in all, good fun.

Being a cabinetmaker, my attention to detail has always been on point. I figured this would be a good time to show some skills an bring out my inner child. What could I do for a costume?

Ok, some background on me, I married a beautiful Italian woman who by far is the most amazing cook you could ever meet. We enjoy watching the food network, seeing different recipes, and creative ideas for meals, trying to change up the everyday routine. Naturally who is one of the most famous on this channel? The one and only Guy Fieri. I found my costume! This is too easy for me. I have 3kids, who whenever they came to me with a school project , I went way overboard. Every time.

Ok we need spiked hair, purchased online. Now the for the clothes. He likes bowling shirts, I see them all the time. I need to go bigger than that. So I had to bring it larger than life. I bought a black collered shirt. Next some board shorts that were way big. Now foot wear, he lives in flip flops but it is late October. I found some slip-ons on clearance ( $3.00) what a bargain! I knew this was the price range because what I had planned was  really going  to make these shoes not your everyday choice to wear.

Off to the local fabric store to buy flame fabric and spray glue to the shoes, the shirt, and the sunglasses. Slide on tattoo sleeves, sweat band and bling, bling and more bling. I hot glued studs and novelty fake jewels to a big gaudy clock face because he likes those giant watches.We arrived at the party and no one knew who I was until I removed my glasses. And yes I won best costume.

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