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Cool Dog Costume: Frenchie Fry Fashion by Yogi

I had envisioned Yogi becoming a french fry since he was a wee one 4 years ago. I had searched the web for ideas but didn’t really find a costume that in my mind would work for him so I took it upon myself to put different items together.

I started with an open cardboard box that contained coloring books (from the dollar store.) I then spray painted the box red with spray paint to make it appealing! I then took a foam cushion (the kind you would use for a kitchen or dining room table with) and sliced it in stripes and spray painted them yellow and some red. Finally, I purchased felt in a small package (assorted colors) from the dollar store and made the “fries” label and his ketchup packet hat! Finally for his saddle we used a “cool coat” that we had ordered for Yogi in the summer time to keep him cool on a hot day. It was too big for him so we cut it and glued the fry pod to it so it wouldn’t shake around.

I couldn’t believe that with a little imagination I made my vision happen and everyone LOVED it! We had a local costume contest on October 12th in a neighboring town. Yogi won first place! It was $100 cash prize. Yogi and I decided to give half of the money to The French Bulldog Rescue. (FBRN) We volunteer, fund raise, transport and foster frenchies in need!

Thank you for your time!

Jodi and Yogi

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