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Cool DIY Adult Spaghetti Costume

My mom has been a teacher for 31 years and each year she lets me create her costume. This year she is retiring and I had to make this one a good one.

I used yarn, lots of hot glue (including getting a really bad burn on my knuckles; go big or go home!), Styrofoam balls that I got my boyfriend to help me paint (this was his first time helping me with a costume and he was very excited), cardboard and tinfoil, some sprinkle cheese and giant napkin.

My mom was thrilled because she is known for the costumes I make her. This one will be my last creation for her and she is going out with a bang. Spaghetti with meatballs on top!

This costume was not one of the most challenging ones I have done, but definitely the funniest for a 51 year old woman! To top it off, she will be smearing red face paint around her mouth looking like she ate all of the spaghetti and is actually sitting on the plate.

This is the first time I have ever entered  a contest  and I’m only doing so because I would love for this costume to be shown to everyone. This is the symbol of my mom’s extreme dedication to teaching students for the last 31 years.

I hope that if I am considered for this contest I can share this experience with her. Lastly, my boyfriend thought this costume was too good and now we are handing out candy on Friday with him as a chef and me as the spaghetti.

Needless to say he never likes dressing up and this costume had finally inspired him to hand over candy to the kids in costume. Maybe it’s because he likes when I’m saucey or covered in balls, ok that’s a bit weird. Thank you.


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