My husband created the boat from a cardboard box.  We then painted it to match the boat from the Jaws movie.  We added so much detail to the boat trying to get it exactly; yellow barrels, wire, ladder, windows, life ring, tower, lines,  letters on the back spelling orca, lights and the funnest accessory was the sound effect.  We recorded the Jaws theme music and had a button for our little boy to press and the music would go off, it was hysterical.  We added a huge shark balloon to the back of the boat with fish line so it looked like Jaws was coming up out of the water to get him.  We dressed him like Chief Brody with a tan button up shirt, police badge that said AMITY POLICE and a Amity Police badge on the side of the sleeve.  Slicked his hair to the side and put glasses on him like the ones he wore in the movie (found those at a second hand store).