Jackson is our 4th son. He is 10 years old and this was the last school parade for our family (this is our last year in Elementary school). All four of our boys have learned to tube and ski behind our 1982 Master Craft ski boat at our cabin in Kentucky. So, we thought this was the perfect “last parade costume”.

It was made with 3M poster boards (6), one plastic blue table cloth, lots of clear tape and hand painted by me (his mother). The registration numbers are actually Jackson’s birthday (clever huh)? I used cabinet handles for him to hold it up, it took me three days to construct it and the most challenging part was finding a “doll” large enough to be the tuber (hence the “frightened” tuber). We pulled him out of our graveyard decorations at the last minute and added a girly wig to make him look a little less scary since it was for school.

The inner tube was attached with duct tape and attached to a rolling dollie. I used a roll of contact shelf liner and television cable for the ski rope  (our real ski ropes are all in KY!). It rolled behind him beautifully during the parade. The only thing Jackson didn’t like was that I used acrylic paint for the sun block on his nose.  This is one of my favorites and we had so much fun with it. He was a huge hit, and it was a very memorable exit to his elementary school years!

Hope you enjoy!