Cool and Easy Maleficent Homemade Costume

My daughter wanted to dress up as Maleficent when she was younger, so I made her this easy Maleficent costume.

The wings look amazing and elaborate, yet were so simple to make. I bought two A1 sheets of cardboard.  I then cut out 2 symmetrical wings after marking them out.

Then I had to figure out how to attach the wings to my daughters back. So I used an old backpack. I cut off the actual bag leaving just the straps on the back of the bag.

I then stuck the cardboard wings on the backpack and covered them with faux feathers which I bought for next to nothing.

The horns were very simple to make. It’s simply brown masking tape wrapped around 3d cardboard glued onto a hairband.

Cool and Easy Maleficent Homemade Costume

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