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Completely Hand-Painted Venon (Spiderman) Costume

First of all it took 3 weeks to convince my friend to do this creative paint work on me, I had to go through her mom to convince her to do it and finally 5 days before Halloween my friend called me and told me we would do it or at least try. She is a very good paint artist, but she told me she hasn’t done anything big and detailed like that.

Iwent to her house one day before Halloween for her to practice, and I was there for 5 hours, then she told me she could do it. Halloween day I arrived at her house at 2:30pm and she didn’t get done till 9pm, but it turned out so AWESOME. I was outside in downtown where I live for 5 hours without a shirt or jacket on and it was 35 degrees, i had a great time, then I had to take 2 long showers to get all the paint off. Hope you guys like it :)

Completely Hand-Painted Venon (Spiderman) Costume

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