Comic-Con Worthy She-Ra Costume with Sound Effects!

My She Ra costume is entirely hand made and was inspired by the original She Ra cartoon, which I used to watch as a child. I started in September, gathering fabric and the blue beads, but I could not find the right red bead for the head piece! While perusing a costume shop my husband found a two toned sword (silver and gold) with sounds effects that he thought I might like.

It was perfect! Not only was the sword 2 toned (some cartoons show a gold sword, others silver or 2 tone), it had sound effects and (da da daaaaa…). It had a large red bead the exact size of the blue beads! This was exciting because the sword needed a blue bead, and I needed a red bead for the head piece. The shield was picked up at the Dollar Tree store for $1 and painted gold.

The boots were originally white, also painted gold. The dress, cape, arm bands, head piece and chest emblem were all sewn using crepe backed satin. To complete the outfit, I dyed my dark brown hair blonde for the weekend. We went to a party and contest where several people requested to take my photo. One man said he felt safer already just having me there!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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