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Classic Homemade Costume Idea: Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

I like classic, scary Halloween costumes, but was bored with the usual.  For this costume, I started at a second-hand thrift store and found the skirt suit and purse for about $15.  I went to Michael’s craft shop and bought the crows with a 50% off coupon.  I already had costume pearls and black pumps.  The scratches and blood were done with lip pencil, eyebrow pencil and fake blood.

The brown of the eyebrow pencil gave the scratches a more realistic effect.  I attached the birds using whatever I could find – a headband, large safety pins and stiff wire.  They weren’t very stable, so I would recommend sewing them onto the dress if you can and have time.  Everyone loved this costume!  I kept the birds and have used them every year to put around my house for Halloween decorations.

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