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70+ Cool Daring DIY Circus Costumes

Here are some really cool Circus costumes! Growing up, my memories of the circus revolved around awe and wonder. Also, stuffing my face with cotton candy.

From the trapeze artists to lions jumping through rings of fire, it is truly unparalleled entertainment.

The circus is traditionally a place to bring children. And there are plenty of children wearing brightly colored, adorable costumes here.

For many people, the circus carries a darker underside. Frightening clowns, bearded women and sinister freak show tents. Perfect for a spooky Halloween costume.

Some families experience their own personal three ring spectacle every day. One where they prefer not have any onlookers. Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your tiny tigers and give your ring master a chance to shine.

In conclusion, take your love for the Ringling Brothers and transfer it to your own homemade costume. Help bring your costume to the next level with the tips from the awesome people here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Featured Circus Costumes

Awesome Family Costume Idea: Our Family is a Circus!

Awesome Family Costume Idea: Our Family is a Circus!

We always say “our family is a circus!” So the idea for these costumes came to us on a particularly crazy but normal day in our house. We quickly decided on a strong man for my husband, lion tamer with lion cub for myself and infant daughter, tightrope walker for my oldest daughter and of course no circus is complete without a clown (which our middle daughter totally is!) I believe in homemade costumes every year but I ordered bits and pieces to make it easier (because  with a family of 5 it took a long time to get all the details right for these costumes!) Read more »

Cool Optical Illusion Contortionist Costume

Cool Optical Illusion Contortionist Costume

I wanted to create a costume that was an optical illusion. I searched many ideas on Google when I came up with the idea to be a Contortionist. Creating the costume was a lot of trial and error. I started on a Monday and created a set of legs in one night! I was very excited but realized that they were too heavy! ( I went crazy with the duct tape). I started over on Tuesday. Read more »