Couple costumes are hard because the man still wants to be manly, right? Well, throwing knives while blindfolded is pretty manly… although my guy doesn’t have great aim so I am a not so lucky assistant!

We were going for the circus look, hence the top hat, and the white really lets the blood shine. This was such a fun costume that everyone commented on. We were complemented for how great it came out after learning it was home made, and for how it was such an original thought.

The Knife Thrower’s Costume

Pretty easy. The belt is made from felt and plastic knives put together with hot glue.

The Bloody Assistant’s Costume

This was a little more effort. I used a white petticoat and white corset. The knife handles are hot glued and I added the fake blood.

The top hat was made with hard felt, ribbon, gems, tool, and a headband all put together with hot glue. I also tied brown ribbon around my wrists and ankles as if I had been tied to the board  (you can go all out and make a board, but I figured that would not be functional for my night).