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Coolest Homemade M&M’s Costume

This M&Ms chocolate costume is 100% home made. No patterns, no other ideas from children costumes, just an idea from a candy wrapper and a bunch of felt! As you can see I used heavy duty felt. The colors are found in 8×10 squares and the brown and white were purchased off the bolt – brown two yards and white one yard. White puffy paint was used with a small paint brush to stamp the candies and quilt batting was used the stuff the escaping 5″ candies.

Clear tablecloth vinyl was used to help create the spilling of candy. I had sewed a lot and also used a basic and zig zag strip stitch on a sewing machine. The movie shows the basics but as you can see: I hand drew the logo on white felt, cut it out, glued and eventually sewed it onto the front panel of the costume. I created 18 5 inch candies which consisted of 36 -5″ circles (three of each color seen) and 18 5″ circles of batting for in between. Before the candies were sewn a clear 1″ vinyl strip (clear table cloth vinyl) was added along with the batting into the center of the candy. *note: all strips were cut in different lengths*. The strips with assembled candies now attached get sewn together creating a “bunch”.

Front and back of the M&Ms chocolate costume are sewn together leaving head and arm holes and of course the bottom open. A 12″ slit is cut up the center of the back and vinyl “bunch” in sewn to inside top of slit. Bottom of costume gets cut zigzagged and is now complete!

Total Spent: $15

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