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Awesome Homemade Child Wheelchair Costume

Wizard of Oz Inspiration

Cody is a very happy 12 year old boy who has CP, a dandy walker malformation and epilepsy. In short, he is medically fragile and each year is more special than the last. He just made his way 3,000 miles across country a few months ago to join his Active Duty Air Force dad and me (his stepmom) just in time for Halloween. In years past, his mother was the one making and submitting his coolest child wheelchair costume ideas, until this year when the torch was passed on to me. With big shoes to fill, we wanted to make his costume around the theme of ‘coming home’, so what better than the Wizard of Oz?!! So here’s Cody as the Mayor in his magical homecoming balloon!

Making our Child Wheelchair Costume

I spent a total of two days putting PVC piping panels on his chair, covered in window blinds, and an additional couple hours painting the exercise ball that doubled as the balloon, painted in an oz- yellow brick road theme. He adorned greens topped by that mystical hat while pentatonix ‘wizard of ahhhhs’ played on a loop as we strolled the block. Though Cody is unable to walk or talk and is legally blind, his smile was proof that he absolutely adored it!!

He smiled at all of the kids voices, flung his arms up as if he were waving at everyone, and just was super happy!! He ran a fever the evening before, so we were unsure that he would be able to go- but luck was on our side and he awoke the next morning feeling great. With such good fortune, we made an early trip out and went to the local USAF base and strolled around to share some smiles!  We look forward to next year, and cant wait to share too! Enjoy! Love Cody and Family:)

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