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Cheap and Easy Braveheart Toddler Halloween Costume

My husband was unemployed at the time so I had to be a bit frugal. I bought a yard of flannel fabric for about $4 and used other fabric I had already. I cut the yard of fabric into thirds and sewed them end to end to create one long strip that would be the kilt and sash. I simply wrapped the fabric around his waist a few times, tied it off with a strip of extra brown fabric, and then tossed the remainder over his shoulder! I took the brown fabric I had and cut out the slit for his head and draped it over. This is going to be similar to the body armor that Mel Gibson wore. I ended up sewing rectangles on it to imitate the look of the rectangular plates in the movie. In addition to this, I added a sword and the blue face paint and there ya go! Benjamin had SO much fun with his costume! The adults loved it! A few men proceeded to quote most of the movie as we were trick-or-treating!

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