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10+ Funky Homemade 70s Costumes for Halloween
Wish you could step back in time to a decade full of color and glamour? Look no further than this far out collection of DIY 70s costumes.

More than just big hair and peace symbols, the 70s represented real change and excitement. It was palpable in the polyester pants and paisley prints everyone wore.

You too can stick it to the man with these homemade disco ball costume ideas. Learn the tips and techniques for creating your own memorable shining ball. Best of all, these homemade costumes really reflect light! You will be the center of every party. So it’s time channel your inner John Travolta and get your groove on.

All that’s left to do is break out your tie dye and start growing an Afro to create your own hip homemade 70s costume for Halloween.

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