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Coolest Disco Ball Costume

First I want to say that English is not my first language so excuse me for the mistakes. I started this Disco Ball Costume about one week from my Halloween party and I was very scared of failing or not doing on time. First, I thought I should use an exercise ball to make the papier maché. But I couldn’t find one that was cheap enough (I am a student). So I bought a big balloon of 3 feet diameter. The girl who sold me the balloon said to me I could do papier maché without popping the balloon, but I was very skeptical. In fact, it worked! I didn’t have much time so I was scared that I couldn’t make enough papier maché layers for it to be solid. Plus I had trouble making my own glue, it was always too liquid and was making the paper bubbling. So I used a wallpaper glue that worked out just fine.

On the day of the party, I made some holes in my big bowl and tried it. I was happy to see that I could fit in it! And that it was solid enough for me to wear it. I cut foam core (a thick sheet of paper and foam) into several little scares and glued them to the ball. Then I painted the whole thing with silver spray paint.

Turned out my costume was the best of the night! (people voted). Everyone was amazed! I still have it, I don’t want to throw it. The only thing is that it was kind of painful for my shoulders… and I couldn’t fit into the bathroom door! I had to remove it went I wanted to go to the toilet.

Hope you enjoyed my story. I am VERY proud of my costume.

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