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Coolest 70s Theme Costumes

Bigger is Better… Fore these 70s theme costumes, we made the Afros from balloons, paper mache and pillow stuffing to make them super huge. They weren’t heavy & the guys got a lot of comments on them at the Halloween party we went to.

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  1. Can someone please post directions?? I have looked all over the internet for some but can’t find any (directions). The would go perfect with our Relay for Life theme and sounds as to be cheap!

  2. IF YOU HAVE THE INSTRUCTIONS, JUST POST THEM HERE ALREADY!! WHY DO WE NEED TO LET YOU KNOW?? (this is to the person who wrote 2nd to last comment)


  3. I’m not associated with anyone with this costume, but as a crafter, and using the items they listed (balloons, paper mache, and pillow stuffing) I would guess the wigs were made like this:

    Blow up a large balloon (almost as large as you want the wig to be) and tie it closed. Apply paper mache (strips of newspaper or other paper dipped in some craft/Elmer’s type glue with a little water added to it) to the balloon, overlapping the strips. Let dry. Repeat paper mache process. Paper mache the whole balloon EXCEPT where the face goes (think motorcycle helmet shape.) Let the second application of paper mache dry.

    Once it is all dry, pop the balloon and remove it from the “form.” Ball up a large handful of pillow stuffing (a.k.a. Fiber Fill) and glue it (I’d use a glue gun) to the paper mache form. Add more “balls” around the form, fluffing and shaping it as you go. Add more layers if necessary. You could also use a spray glue (Elmer’s or another brand) to glue the Fiber Fill to itself to make layers. Once the glue is all dry, spray paint the wig whatever color you want it. The spray paint should act as a sort of “hairspray” and hold it all together. That should do it.

    This is just a guess as to how THEY did it. Feel free to tweak this as needed to make it work. If anyone has any better ideas, please submit them. Good luck!


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