My 6ft 7in tall man added height with his 4 inch white platform shoes and his 5 inch high afro. We always have to go all out with costumes. We go to this amazing costume store in Ft Worth to get the “REAL” stuff. He also had on white polyester pants (which were exciting LOL). The funny thing throughout the night – piece by piece came off. First the shoes, then the hair, he threw the facial hair out of the window on the way home.

My costume always revolves around what we do to him. I wore a bright colored retro dress with bright tights, pink patten knee high boots and got some fun jewelry and a long black wig. My makeup was very 70’s inspired.

He had to really watch the ceiling fan all night that his hair didn’t get caught. Our friend Sherry was in school to be a nurse so I bought her this amazing nurses costume so she could join the fun.