Coolest Riddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Riddler Costume

I made this Riddler Halloween costume my self which took me almost 3 months to finish. I started with a green spandex body suit. When I got the suit I had to stretch each section out and one side at a time I would use the stencils I created with thin sheets of plastic and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Riddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Riddler Halloween Costume

This is the first year since childhood I’ve really dressed up for Halloween, but I had a party to go to and figured I’d flex my creative muscles a bit rather than buying something cheap looking for $40 at the store. Back in September, while perusing some stores, a friend spotted a Riddler key chain … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Villain Riddler Costume

Homemade Batman Villain Riddler Costume

My name is Anthony. For the past four Halloween costumes I have gone the way of Batman villains. In 2006 I did the Joker, which was inspired by the 1950’s comics. Next was Two-Face, which drew inspiration from the animated series. Last year was Scarecrow, who I took ideas from the cartoons and movie. This … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lady Riddler Costume

Homemade Lady Riddler Costume

I wanted to do something different from all the usual un-original witches and dark angels you see out on Halloween. After much thought and as I’d never seen a female Riddler then this Homemade Lady Riddler Costume was the idea for me. My shopping list was as follows: Long green vest top (Ebay £6), Mini … Read more

Coolest Riddler DIY Child Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Riddler DIY Child Halloween Costume Idea

My son has been Batman Villains for the past 2 years, so this year he was Riddler. I purchased the suit at 2 different resale shops. Jacket was sprayed with fabric glue and covered with green glitter. I used silver glitter glue to draw in the ?(front and back). For the pants I simply created … Read more

Coolest Riddler Costume

Homemade Riddler Costume

I started this Homemade Riddler Costume with a hunter green suit because I wanted to go with the understated, darker Riddler instead of the flashy one. I had the pants altered to my length and I took 2-3 inches that came off and saved them for the band around my bowler. I purchased a black … Read more

Cool Homemade Riddler Halloween Costume

Homemade Riddler Halloween Costume

This is my Homemade Riddler Halloween Costume. I pieced a lot of this together over the last year. The suit was originally white and after some trial and error with trying to dye it green. I eventually spray painted it green. I had to let it air out for a while. But I am very … Read more

Riddler Costume

I have always loved The Riddler from the Batman comics. I did him once before in ’95 but it was a store-bought Batman Forever costume-not that great. This is a version of his outfit seen in the comics from time to time and I have also seen this on online Halloween costumes. He has a … Read more

Riddler Costume

My three year old wanted to be Batman and have his twin brothers who were eight months old to be “the bad guys”. The Batman costume was basically his batman mask (which he uses year round), black sweats black, shirt and black cape. The “Riddler” costume was made by purchasing a white fleece one-piece romper. … Read more