Coolest Riddler Halloween Costume

I made this Riddler Halloween costume my self which took me almost 3 months to finish. I started with a green spandex body suit. When I got the suit I had to stretch each section out and one side at a time I would use the stencils I created with thin sheets of plastic and use black fabric paint and would put different sized question marks around the whole suit.

The hat was a green derby I bought and put some green felt around the rim and stenciled a question mark on the front. For the eye piece I shaped it to my eyes and cut it to form and colored an elastic band green which I sewed onto it.

For shoes I used a pair of black water shoes. The cane was a little harder to make. I was lucky to find the question mark top at a thrift store. For the shaft I bought a piece of copper pipe and on the bottom I put the end of a shower curtain rod. At the top a small piece of copper and I put question mark into top with some silicon to hold it in place.

I made this costume being a huge fan of the Riddler and loved the role Jim Carrey did for it.

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  1. If you are willing to sell the cane hat or both just give me a price. That is so weird that you were able to find the question mark top at a thrift store! And it’s the same style as the Jim Carrey one.

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