My son has been Batman Villains for the past 2 years, so this year he was Riddler. I purchased the suit at 2 different resale shops. Jacket was sprayed with fabric glue and covered with green glitter. I used silver glitter glue to draw in the ?(front and back).

For the pants I simply created 3 different lines with gold, green and silver glitter on each side of the pants. The bowler hat was purchased 2 years ago for $1 at target or St. Patricks day. Added purple ribbon to the brim, and created the symbol with crafty fuzzy wire. The cane was bought at party city, and I used a cereal box to cut out 2 ?s and added glue and green glitter. I attached them with a clear rubberband then stapled the tops together. I gathered some old purple fabric, cut a piece and gathered and safety pinned it to the shirt.

Makeup was done to create a half mask, half ? symbol, with glitter added. Sprayed hair red.

I got many compliments for this Riddler DIY Child Halloween Costume Idea.