Halloween costumes are always a challenge to come up with for my daughter Carly who happens to be in a wheel chair. Not a challenge due to her being in a wheel chair but a challenge due to countless hours of deciding what the next awesome and fun costume that she loves will be. This year I figured I had to join two of the most favorite things she loves… Halloween costumes and my best friend Jason. A costume that has to be Fun…Flashy…Loud…Jason (Who happens to be a cop) and BOOM! A Police K9 SUV!!!

We used PVC pipe for the frame, poster board of all sizes for the body, colored duct tape, Styrofoam, contact paper, spray paint, vinyl, electrical tape, wire for the window cage, wooden tongue depressors, tons of hot glue sticks, spare wheel chair wheel, printed enlarged photographs of Police package Chevy Tahoe wheels, heavy grade construction paper, custom made Police Logos and car number (719 for her bday), 8×10 Photos of a Police K9 (Thanks Bruno!), 8 LED Police Lights and a Police Siren App (determined to be only controlled by me for my sanity lol) and compliments of Johns Hopkins…souvenirs removed from Carly’s hips after surgery last week!!! (Got to make it a little creepy…after all it is Halloween…). The overall cost for this costume was approx. $100. To see video, look me up on Facebook

Just a word of advise for those planning on making homemade costumes, hot glue is very very very hot when it touches your skin lol. Thanks for looking at Carly’s Cop Car and Happy Halloween!!!