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Gentleman Wheelchair Costume

I always like dressing up my wheelchair for Halloween, and this year I think I hit the jackpot!  In the seven years I have been a wheelchair user (thanks to a lovely genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), nothing has ever gotten quite the reaction this year’s costume did!

I was initially inspired by some giant eyeball ornaments I nabbed at The Christmas Tree Store (kind of like a Big Lots).

I hot glued the eyes together (with the additional support of pipe cleaners) and added a monocle and mustache made out of sturdy paper.  For the monocle chain, I used a huge crochet hook and made a single chain using black yarn.  I glued more yarn to the back of the eyeballs and mustache and tied it on to the front of the electric motor of my chair.   The whole thing took only about an hour to make, cost under $10, and required minimal tools and supplies.  (Perfect for a grad student!)

I decided a costume this funny needed more than just a day to be shown off, so I started wheeling around campus with my costumed chair in early October.

I was amazed at the great reactions from people at my University!  Usually, wheeling through campus is like a game of who can make the least eye-contact with the girl in the chair.  But with my chair’s new gentlemanly attire, I had tons of people coming up to me to ask about or complement the decorations.  Someone even stopped their car in the middle of an intersection to tell me how much the loved it!  My trips around campus the past few weeks have been full of grins, laughs, and meeting new people.  I especially love when I can see someone is having a rough day and they break out into a huge smile when they see me wheeling by.

All in all, I think this was a great success!

Gentleman Wheelchair Costume

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