What you need:

  • Morph Suit – blue and orange
  • Sequins- (20mm preferably) blue, green,silver,gold
  • Wigs – Brown and Blonde
  • Red,orange and blue fabric


For Chazz Michale Michaels:

1. Get the orange morphsuit and cut of the head/neck/hands part

2. cut a semi circle (about 8-12cm down) in the chest area, starting from shoulder to shoulder

3. next your going to cut some flame shapes out of the red fabric. Cut out a smaller version of the shape you made out of the red  with the orange fabric and stick it on the red fabric. Try to aim for different sizes ranging from 5cm,10cm,20cm etc

4. Use a glue gun to stick these onto the body and legs of the morphsuit.

5.  Take the gold and silver sequins and  glue them in a pattern around each flame that  you have stuck on.

6. Cut the rest of the red and orange fabric into triangular strips and glue them to the arms so they will dangle when you lift your arm, like fire!

7. Put on the brown wig.

Thats it! Thats Chazz Michael Michaels outfire for the fire and ice routine

For Jimmy Macelroy – It’s the same concept!

1. take the blue morphsuit and cut off the head/neck and one hand.

2. take the other hand and only cut off the fingers

3. Cut off the chest starting from the shoulders..creating a semi circle type shape

4. take the blue silver and green sequins to begin styling the suit. Start from the left shoulder and end at the end of the right arm (to your wrist). You should be covering a quater of your upper body and one side of your right arm.

5. Take the blue fabric; cut out 8 strips and one long strip that will go across your neck . This will connect to the fabric at the shoulders.

6. use these strips to make a criss cross pattern on the part of the chest that you cut out. So one side of the fabric is connected to the morphsuit at your chest and the other side is connected to the long piece that goes horizontally across your neck.

(7.   You dont need to do anymore but what we did was spraypaint the legs and the lower part of the body with silver and green to make it look a bit more legit )

8. Add blonde wig

It does sound a bit out of the way to make but trust me it turns out amazing. We made these in 3 hours and got 1st place in the fancy dress competition. It’s really because it looks like so much effort has been put in but its really not that difficult.. its just a morphsuit with sequins! People actually thought we had bought them they came out so well!