I finally won the coveted annual costume contest with my Black Swan costume! It was also accepted into a gallery art show, my very first exhibition!

I started with a black satin corset. I sewed lace around the top and bottom edges, then shredded it with scissors. I added feathers and sequins and a few faceted silver beads to the top left and bottom sides.

For the skirt, I sewed 7 layers of black tulle to an elastic waistband, but it wasn’t standing out straight enough for what I was going for (a Russian Ballet look). I ended up buying a cheap witch hat at a costume store and cutting the center out of it. The wire rim was perfect for holding the skirt out like a real tutu! I added another two layers of black chiffon on top of the tulle layers for a nice smooth skirt.

I also dyed real ballet toe shoes with fabric dye, then added glitter to them. I sewed on black ribbons to tie around my ankles as well.

I completed my costume with ballet tights, a silver tiara, a temporary tattoo of scratches on my shoulder, and painstaking makeup. The end result was very close to the movie’s original costume, designed by Rodarte.