Cool DIY Cindy Lou Who Costume

My daughter wanted to be Cindy Lou. So off I went shopping. First I went to Value World (like Salvation Army). I was really lucky to find a black checkered dress. I bought an oversized red velvet robe at Value World. I cut it to the size of a cape.

Then I went to the Dollar store and found a Christmas hat with pom poms. I used the white frill around collar of the cape. I sewed pom poms on the straps on the cape.

For the hair I bought fake hair and used wire to have the braids stick out on each side. I used a cone and wrapped more hair around and stuck part up and attached bows.

Last, I bought red tights and she was finished and ready to go with one of the best Halloween costumes!

Cindy Lou Who Homemade Costume

Total Spent: $11

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