Sally Sells Sea Shells! This Victorian Beach Bather costume is my child version of a costume that I made for myself a few years ago.  In my vast stockpile of fabrics , I still have a few yards of the red/white stripe fabric remaining ,so I decided to make our little girl a beach bather costume from the remnants of my costume.

Victorian and Steampunk are popular stles of costume right now. I love the old styles of swim wear.

THis was a simple costume to sew. It would be a good project for a beginner sewer. I used a childs pajama pattern. The pattern I used was for a pullover top and would require a fabric with stretch to pull over the head. The pants are a very basic pull on typoe with elastic waistband.

I cut the slleves to elbow length and added elastic for a ruffled edge. The pants are done the same way. For the belt and headband Icut strips of fabric about a yard long and 6 inches wide. After folding inhalf lengthwise, I sewed the fabric together making a long tube. The tube is turned right side out and the one was tied around the waist for a belt and the other was wrapped twice around the head and tied on top.

White stockings and slip on shoes complete the look.