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Beautiful and Creepy Homemade Spider Costume

My daughter wanted to be something creepy yet beautiful for Halloween, so we decided on a Spider costume! I loved making her costume – Her legs are made out of thick poster board that were rolled, then we overlayed that with a fuzzy liner to give it a “hairy” look. Each leg was attached with zip ties to a precut piece of EVA foam shaped to her back. So these were very light weight ;)

The basic mask we got from Hobby lobby and created the face using Latex and while it was wet, the eyes were added to give that spidery look! The fangs were made our of thin EVA foam, covered in duct tape and then texture as made with duct tape and spray painted black.

We cut eyes out of a coke bottle and lined it was black screen to black out her eyes but yet she could still see out of them;) We used beads to give a glamorous feel and attached them to a piece of ribbon then hot glued it to the mask to top it off. We got an old black dress from a 2nd hand store ($6) and attached it as the skirt.

She looked so amazing an got tons of compliments from kids and adults alike! So many people asked to take her picture :) We hope you love this Spider costume as much as we do! Thank you!

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