We are huge fans of Monster’s Inc. and when the Disney store sold out of the costume size for my son I decides to make his costume and what started as a simple costume idea long sleeve onesie, leggings, and some colored dye well, it became more twelve hours to make his costume hand made, hat, body complete with fur boots with little claws. I was his partner Mike wazowski green t shirt with hand Drawness eye and handmade horns. We got lots of compliments especially my little guy. and he loved it. The costume cost about $16 to make. I dyed the long sleeve top and found the leggings in the girls dept for $4 the fabric I bought at $50 % off at Jo Ann’s and I used a sewing machine for the body and hand sewed the purple spots, tail, fur and horns. The boots I had and i cut out a pattern and sewed it on and added the fur to them. It wasn’t hard to do and I loved how it came out. Then of course I had to match him with my Mike wazowski costume.