I like to be creative with my costumes and thought it would be cool to make a costume that I could change throughout the night. So I thought of being a paper doll, you know, the ones that come with different clothes. You fold the tabs  over the doll to hold the clothes on.

My amazing and talented husband, a graphic designer by trade, helped with the design of the clothes. I picked out images of a few different outfits online and asked him to create cartoon like versions. He went above and beyond and created multiple hair options and purses for each outfit. I printed each design out on a large scale printer at work, used spray adhesive to adhere the designs to foam core board (you can use cardboard). Then I used an exacto knife to cut out each article of clothing. Man were my fingers sore after that. Then I attached elastic with Velcro to each article of clothing so I could strap them on.

Lastly I found cute silk camisole and shorts to wear underneath. Throughout the night I changed out my outfits, hair and purses. At one party my friend and I dressed up together and swapped outfits every hour. It was a blast.