After hours of deciding what to go dress up as for Halloween we decided to dress up as Stickmen. This costume is a very last minute one as you have to be prepared to only finish making the costume about an hour before you head out. We went through a very time consuming process of stitching strips of plastic contact (usually used to cover books) onto black clothing for the bodies of the Stickmen.

To make the faces we used cardboard circles which we colored black and attached elastic onto in order to fit around our faces, we also cut up and stuck a black scarf onto the back of the circles to cover the backs of our heads. The day we where ready to wear the costumes we put on our black clothes snapped some glow sticks and slid them into the pockets we had stitched on with the plastic contact until we had our bodies completely lit up into stick figures. We stuck our chosen faces onto the cardboard circles and stuck glow sticks on with tape, we where then completely glowing and ready to go!

The best part of dressing up as Stickmen had to of been peoples reactions when we went to the nightclub that night not one person could recognize us and the reactions the costumes got where priceless!!