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Awesome Dr. Who Weeping Angel Costume for a Girl

My daughter wanted to be the Weeping the Angel from Dr. Who for Halloween last year. I set out to a bigger feat then I could ever have imagined. The costume should be on this site not because its been done before but because it will never be sold or given away. The memories making it are just to great.

The entire costume took us 3 months. I got the dress from a thrift store and cut it so that only the slip remained. I then took material and sewed it to the dress allowing it to gather. It was painted with grey paint and then spray painted with stone spray. The wings where constructed from foam for a Christmas pageant at church a few years before. I painted, and painted and painted them until they where a pretty grey. Then attached arm holes to them and spray painted them with the stone spray.

The wig was made from panty hose and attached to a ball. Then I hot glued yard to it and made a pattern. Then added a headband. Again, painted and painted and painted. Yarn and Styrofoam suck up paint. It was also spray painted. The arms and head where panty house that we cut a hole out of for the head and then stitched around hands to make gloves. The mask was so much fun. My daughter and I sculpted it from clay. And then painted it.

She wore the costume on Halloween and heads turned. She recently wore it to an anime convention and won first place for cosplay. It sat in the closet so long and who knew it would win an award.

Awesome Dr. Who Weeping Angel Costume for a Girl

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