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Artistice Homemade Maria Franz Tribute to Heilung Costume

Here’s the end result of multiple all nighters and classic rock binges! The Maria Franz costume was a combination of sketching, sewing, painting, and sculpting; all entirely completed by hand.

The antlers were created using an aluminum base with nails and wire for support. A sealed layer of tape was then applied in addition to FIMO clay for added texture and realism. This was then sanded down and painted to achieve a realistic look.

The headband is made of fringed muslin, Nordic print fabric, and tassels of soft leather, twine, and feathers. This was measured to my face and head and then hand sewn together.

The top has distressed and knotted muslin tassels along the sleeves in 2cm intervals. This was hand sewn with a French knot for extra security from flowing all day.

The dress features a woven panel on the left side to provide extra upper torso space and movement in contrast to the sturdy natural cotton material.

The staff features knotted, braided, and woven fabrics such as burlap, muslin, and silk. It contains bones and a real deer skull.

As you might guess some reactions varied. Most people supported it and got in the Halloween spirit (I’m known for being quite extra.) Many people wanted pictures to send to loved ones who were also Halloween enthusiasts. These were my favorite people to talk to, they often had their own tales of costume making.

Some people were scared, children mainly, and police didn’t say anything about the skull. In fact I was offered a carved ivory tusk by a man who called me his queen. No joke. In the end I won two local costume contests.

Overall this costume took lots of time to create but it was a rewarding experience. I personally understood the connection between textiles and the creator, as someone from long ago would not have access to a sewing machine. It is elegant yet bold and a tribute to Heilung.

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