This artistic and demonic fairy eater costume was made for Halloween Ball, and it was the funniest costume I ever wore. Well, not funny at all because it was very uncomfortable, but I felt very scary and poetic, and that was awesome.

I wanted to create a demoniac creature who lives in forests and eats fairies. Why fairies? Because they’ve made fun of this poor creature who wanted to be their friends. She wasn’t that ugly then, she had beautiful blue eyes, little cute horns on her head, and long brown hair. But she was too big to be a fairy (those in this forest were little fairies) and she had no wings. So, she was rejected. The pain she knew then was so big she wanted revenge, and sought after it by eating the fairies who laughed at her. The more she ate, the more her horns grew, her hair became roots and her eyes, darker and darker.

Now she’s a real fairy hunter, that scares all the small creatures of the woods. She still has no friends, so she speaks to the moon, the night, and even the stars are reminiscent her from her goodness. But if she continues to feed those who scoff her, she will become a darker and uglier creature.

The hooves were the most difficult to wear, because it’s made of plasticilline and it’s built on 16cm high heels. High and heavy. Or maybe was it the sclera lenses? Very hurtful. Don’t do like me, don’t wear it 8 hours.

But the pain was worth it, because I received a lot of good comments, and it’s my fav costume.

I also did the green part of the skirt, but it was quite easy. The leg warmers too. The dreads are by Dreadlock Madness, a great artist. The hammer is a larp weapon.

(And sorry for my bad English, I’m quite Frenchie)