Amazing Carnival Fortune Teller Machine DIY Costume

This “CARNIVAL FORTUNE TELLER MACHINE” Costume was relatively easy-to-make.
The costume won first place in a costume contest!

I decided to be a Fortune Teller for Halloween this year and wanted to go a step further than just wearing the outfit, so I created a costume that looked like a Fortune Teller in a Carnival Machine!

How to do it:
I got a large box (disposable cup box from Smart and Final), cut an opening in the front (top and sides of opening only), folded the cut piece into the box, creating a ledge in the process.

I lined the interior of the box with gold satin fabric to look like curtains, then covered the exterior of the box with “wood grain” print wrapping paper ( to make it look like a wooden machine.

I purchased a white replacement light fixture globe and “push light” to put inside the globe to make the crystal ball and make it glow (both purchased at Home Depot).

I cut an opening on the ledge in the box, pushed the base of the light fixture through the hole and taped the crystal ball in place.

I covered the opening and ledge with an old fringed table runner, which was also taped in place so it wouldn’t move around.

I traced and cut out letters from gold glitter paper and affixed them to the outside of the box with double-sided masking tape.

I then dressed as a fortune teller and handed out funny fortunes that I had printed up before hand.

The costume got a great reaction and won first place at an annual party I attended. It was really fun to wear!

Amazing Carnival Fortune Teller Machine DIY Costume

Amazing Carnival Fortune Teller Machine DIY Costume