Adult Japanese Spicy Ramen Costume

Japanese Ramen Costume complete with noodles, scallions, fish cakes, soy sauce eggs, seaweed, and pork belly!  Chopsticks added to hair for a fun detail.

The bowl was suspended using posterboard, thread, lots of glue gun and staples. The noodles needed to stand out a bit more so I added inflated packing I found from a package I received in the mail. For the noodles, it was large yellow yarn. All other objects were cut out from felt.

The total for this costume was $12 and used about 3 hours of production. The best part was being able to keep my hands warm in the noodles when I was out and being able to stash some items in the bowl. The hardest part was being able to keep all the “ingredients” in the bowl, because I didn’t glue or adhere them to the noodles so it was always in motion and spilling out, especially when dancing!